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Lightsys2 Hard Wired Package 1


1 x 64 Zone Lightsys2 Alarm Panel

1 x Full Text Key Pad

3 x Pet Motion Detectors

1 x Door Switch

1 x Internal Siren

1 x External Siren & Blue Strobe

1 x IP Ethernet Module (For App)

$999.00 (Inc GST)

Fully Installed

Flexible Installation Options

Hard Wired - Wireless - Bus Wiring (Daisy Chain)

Full Text Keypads

Rather Than Just A Zone Number

Risco Keypad

Add VUpoint Cameras

For Live View & Alarm Verification

Take your alarm to a whole new level with integrated Risco VUpoint IP Cameras


Just $600 per Camera (inc GST )

Fully installed.

With so many alarm types to choose from, see why we have made this alarm our preferred hard wired option.


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Motion Detector


The kits above include 3 of these.


Pet Friendly


Pet Immunity

up to 36kgs

Upgrade Options




Hard Wired and linked to your alarm system

Glass Break



Perfect for rooms with awning windows

Magnetic Reed Switch


Detects the opening of windows & doors




Add extra motion

detection inside

With a Risco Lightsys2 Alarm System, you have the option of connecting the system to your internet connection.


With this feature enabled, all alarm and system events will be sent directly to the Risco Cloud server.


A notification is then sent to your smart phone/s, which enables you to take action fast.


This remote accessibility will take your security to the next level, allowing you full control of your alarm via the App.


With a standard alarm you would have to go home to switch it off. If this was not possible right away, your blue light would continue to flash for hours on end.

Please Note:

* The price for this service is is $20.00 per month and is optional.  The system will function like a standard local alarm without this service enabled.


Another option is to have the alarm professionally monitored.

This service is $33.00 per month - Requires a phone line.  Or $44 per month for GPRS Wireless Comms  - No Phone Line Required.

Control your alarm from where ever you are!