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Special Offer:

Make the switch to Security Perth for the monitoring of your existing alarm and we'll match the type of monitoring provided and beat your current rate* by 10%


*A copy of your current bill required for validation.


When it comes to the monitoring of your new alarm, we offer 3 choices:

GPRS Professional Monitoring

Self Monitoring - via Phone App

Local Alarm - No Monitoring



GPRS Monitoring

As phone lines are becoming less and less common, GPRS steps up as the main contender for your alarm communications.


The service provides a wireless connection via  the mobile phone network to provide you with a reliable and stable link to our monitoring room.



Self Monitoring via phone or tablet App.

Our app connects you to your alarm via your internet connection, giving all the functionally and instant notifications you would get while actually on your property.


This app is only available on our Risco range of alarm panels, which come in hard wired and wireless varieties.  The Wireless alarm system features in built cameras within the motion Detectors. When these are triggered as a series of images are taken and linked to the alarm event so you can see what caused it.  Very handy as you can instantly see if it was a false alarm or not.


Currently the Hard Wired Risco alarm, does not have camera integration within the motion detectors.


All the data relating to your alarm is stored on the Risco Cloud Servers, then push down to your mobile devices.

No Charge

Local Alarm

For those people, that simply want to have an alarm that will sound if someone breaks in.


No notifications are sent.


No one but your neighbours and the burglar will know your alarm has been set off.


Please consider your Neighbours when thinking about this option.  The sound of an alarm that is never actioned is one of the most common complaints we get.


When we investigate, it is generally the alarms of our non monitored clients, because they simply are unaware of when and how often their system is being activated.