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VIDEO CONFIRMED - The Ultimate Alarm

This is not CCTV, it is Actual Alarm Footage

from our Video Confirmed Alarm

Traditional alarms are blind. When they trigger you have no idea why. This leads you to either send a costly guard, drop what you are doing and attend site or ignore it and hope it was a false alarm. This whole process is very annoying and time consuming.


Security Perths' Video Confirmed Alarm is a game changer!


When it triggers, it sends us a live video feed. This allows our operators to see exactly what caused the alarm. If we see that was just a moth, we won't bother you. However, if we see any sign of human activity we can instantly action the police.  So...No More False Alarms.


Video Confirmed is by far the most effective alarm available today.

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10 Year Warranty

For complete peace of mind!

Please Note:

The price for this service is is $20.00 per month and is optional.  The system will function like a standard local alarm without this service enabled.



Control your Risco Alarm from wherever you are!

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No power? No phone line?   No problem!

Security Perth provides a reliable solution to secure your compound.


Reduce the downtime associated with with theft and vandalism to your assets, with our live monitored alarms.


The system is totally wireless, so can be easily relocated to your next project. Rather than simply making a noise, the system is monitored live by our trained staff for only $76.00 per month.


No more costly Guards.  No more downtime!


Effective security, as proven by these companies:

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